Isolbox®, leader in the construction industry Made in Morocco
Isolbox is a Moroccan SME created in 2013, specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of an innovative and disruptive product for the building sector: the insulating box for roller shutters. This solution breaks thermal and phonic bridges at the level of roller shutters, as well as optimizing partitions, which improves the energy efficiency of buildings and contributes to the decarbonization of the environment.
Isolbox is proud to accompany the majority of building companies and real estate developers in their energy efficiency approach and to be part of the enlightened vision of His Majesty, King Mohamed VI, who encourages the economic and social development of the country.
At the genesis of the project, the business model consisted in importing, transforming and distributing a German technology product, but above all, to initiate the prescribers and actors of the sector on the whole national territory. The commitment of the teams and their perseverance allowed to create a market, to constitute an advantage of first entry and especially to consolidate a strong brand, known and making reference on the market. Today, ISOLBOX® has become the eponymous brand and is now assimilated in the everyday language of construction professionals.
Concerned with quality and innovation, Isolbox has invested heavily in research and development and has obtained ISO 9001 and CSTB certifications. In 2017, the company started the production of an ISOLBOX® 100% Made in Morocco. Indeed, today, Isolbox is proud to produce and export this solution to Europe and Africa, which strengthens its position as a leader in the sector.
In 2021, despite the health crisis, Isolbox has launched new complementary and innovative products, especially on the roller shutter, automation and insulation part, in partnership with the world leaders in these sectors. The Isolbox Academy® was also set up to train installers and carpenters in the use of products and solutions, as well as to strengthen links with OFPPT training centers, architecture schools, the academic world and all professional associations.
This trajectory unfailingly inscribes Isolbox in an internationally oriented vision, in which this company proudly displays its patriotism and positions itself as an ambassador of Made in Morocco.