Created in 2017, Continuum BIM is the leading Building Information Modelling agency in Morocco that develops various construction projects. With more than a hundred projects, Continuum intervenes in the fields of transportation, city, buildings, water industry and environment. Our teams work closely with clients on a national and international scale to assist them in their projects to achieve with developed BIM processes. Our dynamic and experienced team offers a BIM support adapted to any type of project and any phase of development of the said project. Our offices are located in the city Marrakech, the capital of Morocco, Rabat and Tangier.  

Our objective is to respond to the different issues faced daily in construction projects and developing conglomerates by accompanying our clients through a digital and modern approach in the implementation of Building Information Modeling in all construction processes. As a member of the BIM Africa network, we are committed with the different members of the NGO to develop the construction market within the African continent through the integration of Building Information Modeling and its standards. In partnership with the leadership team of the NGO, our group is co-hosting the BIM Africa Summit in Marrakech during the year 2023.