The School of Architecture, Planning & Design (SAP+D) is a school of innovation in Architecture, Urban/Territorial Planning and Design through education, research and the development of intelligent solutions to African and Moroccan challenges. The School aims to contribute to resilient, sustainable and intelligent architectural, urban and territorial development at the national and African level by exploring different geographical, socio-cultural, technical and environmental contexts.  


SAP+D aims to advance smart knowledge/solutions and local know-how in architecture, urban/territorial planning and design through hands-on research/action and education. Thus, SAP+D positions itself as an innovative school for the development of resilient and sustainable African cities and territories. 


– To train professionals with polytechnic skills and advanced technological knowledge 

– To establish relevant training programs aimed at developing smart skills, including entrepreneurship and leadership skills to face the challenges of the rapidly changing African market. 

– Capitalize on knowledge through research/action and technological innovation to boost the performance of national and African territories for sustainable development. 

– Forge a generation of laureates in architecture, urbanism and design, able to act on several transdisciplinary dimensions.