German Otto Bodenbender

BIM Manager and Senior Architect
Boogertman and Partners Architects
South Africa

As a BIM Manager, German is constantly seeking new ways to disrupt the traditional process and develop a collaborative mindset across the industry. He is a young professional both highly passionate about architecture and dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design and construction to achieve the best possible results, without ever compromising on quality. His high-tech approach is reflected on everything he does, finding new and better ways to do things. He has more than 10 years of experience on projects across the globe, including universities in Dubai, residential projects in Argentina, and, currently, the second largest mall in South Africa. Furthermore, he remains a thought leader in the industry and has keynoted at several major regional conferences in Africa. As one of the co-Founders of the BIM Community Africa, he also dedicates his free time to the non-profit community that has the mission to raise the tide of the BIM knowledge in the industry

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